Playlist for November 25, 2008

Gary Jules & Michael Andrews - Mad World
Astrid Williamson - Amarylis
Raised By Swans - Unrequited/Stolen Lakes
Wolf Parade - California Dreamer
Olenka & The Autumn Lovers - Sing Tadzio: The Requiem
Olenka & The Autumn Lovers - Flash In The Pan
Olenka & The Autumn Lovers - Kochana
Olenka & The Autumn Lovers - 45
Boxer The Horse - Rocknroll Band
Fembots - Get In The Van
Ben Folds (featuring Regina Spektor) - You Don't Know Me
Mogwai - Local Authority
Kings of Leon - Closer Crawl
Kaiser Chiefs -You Want History
Japanese Motors - Better Trends
Nouvelle Vague - Love Will Tear Us Apart
The Killers - Shadowplay
Joy Division - Transmission
John Cooper Clarke - Beasley Street

Playlist for November 18, 2008

The Ashgrove - Blue Sky I, II, III
The Ashgrove - Ceilings
The Ashgrove - Pretending
NQ Arbuckle - Postcard From Princess
Stompin' Tom - The Olympic Song
Swamparella - Chère ici, Chère là bas

Jace Everett - Bad Things
Bloc Party - Ares
Bloc Party - Mercury
Bloc Party - Halo
Kaiser Chiefs - Spanish Metal
Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat
Deerhunter - Cover Me (Slowly)
Deerhunter - Agoraphobia
The Dears - Money Babies
Psychedelic Furs - President Gas
The Smiths - Hand In Glove
The Smithereens - A Girl Like You
Gang of Four - I Love A Man In A Uniform
New Order - Blue Monday

Playlist for November 11, 2008

Dave Knill - City In Flames
The Organ - Oh What A Feeling
Quest For Fire - Bison Eyes
Oasis - Waiting For The Rapture
Oasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol
The Offspring - Half Truism
The Matadors - A Little Bit of Alcohol
Travis - Chinese Blues
The Pack AD - Shiny Things
Burnin' Ethyl - How Was I To Know
The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again
Mother Mother - Body of Years
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
Kaiser Chiefs - Like It Too Much
Kaiser Chiefs - You Want History
Japanese Motors - Regrets A Paradise
The Iguanas - Her Red Fishnets
You Say Party We Say Die - You're Almost There
The Pursuit of Happiness - When Doves Cry
Chemical Brothers - Midnight Madness